Connecting FirstCall to the NBN Fibre-to-the-Node or HFC Cable systems

Does a FirstCall Medical Alarm work over the NBN?

Yes - FirstCall works correctly over the NBN, but there are some important things you need to know. Please show this information to the person who installs your NBN service.

Installation Instructions for Fibre-to-the-Node and HFC Cable.

If you have kept your old telephone, please follow these steps to connect your medical alarm to the NBN:

Step 1. Note where your telephone plugs into the NBN modem box. This is usually a green socket.

Step 2. Unplug your telephone from the NBN modem.

Step 3. Plug the cream telephone cord from the medical alarm into the same socket on the NBN modem.

Step 4. Now plug your telephone into the spare socket on the rear of the medical alarm base unit. Looking from the rear of the base unit this socket is on the far right, immediately next to the cream phone lead and the one closest to the side edge of the base unit.

Step 5. Pick up your telephone and check for dial tone. If you have dial-tone the connection is correct. If you do not have dial tone, please recheck everything.

Step 6. Tell your contacts that you are about to test your medical alarm. Operate the medical alarm and let it call through to your contacts.

Remember: Tell your NBN service provider that you have a FirstCall medical Alarm and that you need to keep your old telephone. Make sure the NBN technician reconnects your medical alarm.

Due to the NBN power issues, your FirstCall Medical Alarm will not be able to call for assistance during a blackout or power failure.

Test your FirstCall Medical Alarm Regularly by pressing the pendant and letting it call through to the first contact. (Tell them first that you are about to test).

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