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First Call Alarm

FirstCall Alarm Kit


FirstCall is supplied fully programmed and set-up, ready to plug-in. There are no initial programming charges.

FirstCall comes with a full 12 month warranty and a 30 day money-back guarantee. An extended 3-year warranty is available. Made in Australia.

FirstCall Alarm includes:

- 1 x FirstCall alarm unit

- 1 x Phone plug mode-3 adaptor

- 1 x Pendant or 1 x Watch

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FirstCall Medical Alarms

FirstCall is a Medical Alarm which can summon help in an emergency by sending calls either to family and friends or to a 24/7 monitoring service.

The FirstCall system consists of a lightweight IP67 waterproof pendant or watch which you carry with you or wear at home, and an alarm unit which is plugged into your telephone line and into a power point.

The pendant or watch can be worn in the bath or shower and will normally work around the average sized home and garden.

When you press the FirstCall pendant or watch, an alarm will sound for 10 seconds and FirstCall will then automatically call up to five of your family and friends and request urgent assistance.

Family and friends monitoring option

FirstCall can directly call family members and friends. When family and friends take all the calls there are no ongoing monthly monitoring fees — all you pay is the one-off purchase price and a small delivery fee, and there are no contracts to sign.

When your family or friends answer the call they will hear the voice message and will immediately know that you need assistance.

Additionally, they may then be able to speak to you over the sensitive FirstCall loudspeaker, (though this is not necessary for them to know that you need help).

Your family and friends will be able to receive your calls for assistance anywhere they have a fixed or mobile phone service, even if they are out playing golf or shopping etc.

FirstCall can be programmed to require either one or two people to receive a call for assistance. Calls to answering machines and voice mailboxes will not be counted as a successful call, although the personal voice message will be left.


FirstCall Brochure (FirstCall_User_Guide_Ver3_Nov_2013-RGB_Web.pdf, 632 Kb) [Download]